Resources: Individual Case Studies, Behavior Plan Template, and the “Effective Treatment for Addicted Criminal Justice Clients” on the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website.

Use the “Effective Treatment for Addicted Criminal Justice Clients” article as a sample for how to write a behavior plan. The “Case Study” section near the end of the article provides a good example of a behavior plan.

Select a different case study than you used in Week Two from the University of Phoenix

Material: Individual Case Studies

  • Case Two: Max

Complete the Behavior Plan Template based on your selected cognitive theory for your selected case-study patient—Max.

Incorporate one peer-reviewed research study as justification for the theory you used in your plan.

Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines.

Case: Max

You are completing your graduate work at a local university by participating in an internship at a private mental health clinic. As a part of your internship, you were asked to cofacilitate a group for men and women with relationship difficulties.

While cofacilitating the group, you meet Max, who was court ordered to participate as a result of allegations of assault. After a careful review, you find that he has six past charges of assault. Max is an attractive man in his mid-thirties. He is charming with both the males and female in the group. Although it is clear that he does not feel he should be in the group, you find that he adds dimension to it.

After some time, Max discloses that he has been involved in multiple sexual relationships and says he “can get in any woman’s pants.” He also brags that he is smarter than anyone in the group, regardless of the fact that one person has a PhD in physics. When you challenge him, he reminds the group that he has been on television (in a commercial for a local car dealership) and is just waiting for a contract from a major television network. He says, “Anyone can go to college, but how many of you have been on TV?”

He also states that he has a unique ability to be the center of attention and that people are drawn to him. He has been a successful salesman, but is not able to maintain a job for more than about 1 to 2 years. He brags about his sexual conquests almost nonstop. After several group sessions, he does acknowledge some history of depression.

One day, you hear him discussing a “great investment opportunity” with the other group members prior to the start of the session. You ask him to stop his discussion and he agrees. However, after concluding the session, he asks you if you would like to invest in his Internet company. He says that he knows you told him to stop because you were interested in joining him at the beginning and watching it grow. After you tell him no again, he cusses at you and leaves the group.

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