What works in online class room

1. In at least 180 words explain what learning strategies work in an online classroom and why. 

2. Make respectful arguements on the perspective of the two below passages in at least one paragraph each.

The major problem that you have in the online learning environment is that the teacher is simply a grading machine that will answer specific e-mails. They do not facilitate or direct learning. Much like Charlie in Charlie’s Angels he simply tells the group what to do, how they do it is up to themselves. In a classroom environment I have had the burden of sitting with students that (A) did not want to be in college and (B) should not have been in college for a rousing active learning session. In short I did all of the work and submitted it for the group.

“Looking at the online Active Learning experience, the give and take between the teacher and the student is gone, you work in the dark, with very little input, unless you ask a specific question via e-mail to the teacher. In my other class I e-mailed the teacher about a vague assignment where it seemed he wanted two 5-page papers. Time was running out, so I wrote both of them. When he e-mailed back, he only wanted one 5-page paper with both topics on it. He did let me know quite a few people had the same question. In a brick and mortar school you could have walked right up to the teacher and gotten the answer before or after class.”

“A critical part of active learning is teamwork. Teamwork allows to discuss ideas and concepts and build off of each others ideas to gain a better understanding of a topic. In an online setting, teamwork can be rather difficult because students cannot engage with one another face to face which makes it more difficult to engage in team building activities or group projects. The online setting makes the learning process more impersonal than the traditional setting. Take for example the weekly group discussions, though I find it to be very beneficial to read my peers thoughts on topics, I am only required to respond to two post. whereas, if it was a traditional setting and we have a group discussion, you will be more engaged because everyone is in the same place and are face to face. In an online setting, it’s difficult to have a more personal relationship with your peers where you can form study groups.”

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