Week 5

Week 5 Assignment – TV

Only one medium—television—seems to be winning based on partnering with the internet. In 2011, half of the social media population talked about television. That means they watch TV and go online to chat about what they are watching: a marketing dream!

Why would TV, the medium that at first seemed most likely to lose huge chunks of views to web, find that the web, boosts audience? I wonder what it has to do with SmartPhone TV viewing, which, according to A. C. Nielsen’s blog, is up a whopping 206%.

Requirements: 400-600 words and include research from two sources other than the text or lecture. Submit as an attachment

This assignment will demonstrate your ability to demonstrate media fluency in your research, explain the application of the three market theory to your topic, analyze the roles of new technology, and define the role of various mediums in a media rich society. Additionally, the assignment will show your understanding of convergence.

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