watch and write 2 assigments.

Pick one option. Write two – three pages on the option that you choose. Papers are due on Sunday, May 21, 2017. Hard copies handed in, in class only. No email or leaving in my box. You have the option of handing these in as early as you like, but this does not excuse you from attending the remainder of the classes.

1. A more structured assignment. Watch “Bowling for Columbine,” “Fahrenheit 911,” “Sicko,” or “Roger & Me.” These three titles are documentaries by Michael Moore. Pick one for your paper.  Do research into how Moore may have stretched or manufactured, the “truth.” The paper should indicate from where you received your information. You can either cite sources or mention sources within the paper.

2. A more free form assignment. Pick one or two topics from what we have covered in class and tell me what you have learned. Use examples from films screened, at home and in class. Think about class discussions. If you want to include additional research, that is fine. Consult the syllabus for topics:Media frames the narrative, TV – Cautionary Tales, Whistleblowers, Accidental Celebrities, Government Punishes Those Whose Use of the Media It Does Not Approve, Mass Media as Social Action

3. An even more free form assignment. Pick a film that has not been included in the class – narrative or documentary – and analyze how mass media plays a part in the story.  Suggestions: “Catching Hell,” “Winnebago Man,” “Dog Day Afternoon,” “Bonnie and Clyde,” “The Sweet Smell of Success.”

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