Topics:1. Regression Analysis as a Data Mining Tool (with one Application: Python or Excel )2. Recommender Systems3. Machine Learning (ML) and Applications of ML in Oil & Gas Industry4. Data Visualization with Practical Example (PowerBI or Tableau) [concepts + tutorial]5. Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Mining6. Big Data Technologies & Applications in Education (K-12 and Higher Ed)7. Write a paper that analyzes, compares and contrasts the terms “Deep Learning”, “MachineLearning”, and “Artificial Intelligence”.8. Data Mining in Health and Medical Industries (bioinformatics)9. Using Reinforcement Learning and Data Mining in AI & Robotics10. Data Mining on Cloud Computing: Concepts & Applications, (i.e AWS, Azure, Google)Your Paper:- Your paper should have at least 8 pages at most 15 pages, double space.- Scientific terminology, do not forget you are writing a research paper- Do not copy paste or just write the same things. The goal is for you to read the researchpapers, articles on the topics you chose and write a summary paper with your own words.- You are required to follow APA Guidelines.Your presentation:- It should have at least 10 at most 20 slides. Ideas size is 15+ slides.- Your slides should be bullet points, images and key sentences. DO NOT copy paste largetext. Rather have pointers and present it in class and offer your comments.- While presenting feel free to ask questions to audience (your classmates) to keep itinteractive and engaging.- Since this is a group project, I expect high quality work.- I posted a great presentation titled “Top 5 Rules of Presentation” under Files. PLEASE use itas a guide to prepare your presentation.

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