verbal and non-verbal communication

Watch the clip of “The Fresh Prince” ( Watch the episode first, with the sound turned off. Answer the following questions listed below.

What nonverbal behaviors did you see displayed that you think were representative of functions of nonverbal communication? (Read pages 116-119) What types of nonverbal communication did you see displayed? (Read pages 119-131) How would your interpretation of this situation differ if you only heard the

conversations and the nonverbal aspects of communication were not


What nonverbal communication forms did you see displayed in which you

feel the meaning may be ambiguous?

How does the use of nonverbal communication enhance our

understanding of the existing relationships you witnessed in the episode?

View the episode again with the sound on. Keep track of your answers to the discussion questions and compare afterward to see if your perceptions of the

role and meanings of nonverbal communication were actually correct or incorrect.

Why might this be? Did the language of the conversations communicate more than the

nonverbals? Why or why not?

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