UST 200

For this assignment, you will research and describe demographic information about your community using the U.S. Census Bureau resource called American FactFinder.

Please watch this brief library tutorial to learn how to navigate the website. How To Use American FactFinder. You may also find Census information about your community located on your city or county Planning websites, but the Census is still the source of data.

Please select a community (by ZIP code) to research. You will select 3 demographic characteristics of the population (race, income, education, etc.) to compare.

For each of the 3 characteristics, you will compare 2000 Census data to 2010 Census data to determine if there are demographic changes occurring in the same ZIP code. (There are also 3 & 5 year estimates, but the best comparison is to use the decennial (ten year) Census. This makes the comparison “apples to apples”).

In about 500 words (about one page), please describe the decennial trends of the demographic characteristics in your selected community. Mention the community you researched, the demographic characteristics selected, and describe the changes that have occurred from 2000-2010. Conclude with an analysis of the implications of these demographic changes.

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