US 101 Week 9 DQs

This paperwork of US 101 Week 9 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: What are the three steps of critical thinking? What do they include? How might mastery of these skills make you a more effective college student and adult learner?DQ 2: Watch the video, Critical Thinking, Key Actions to Take and answer the following questions: How have you used these actions to solve problems in your daily life? How are critical thinking skills in your daily life and in your academic life similar? How are they different? DQ 3: How does collaboration foster critical thinking? How might the two work together in your academic and personal life?DQ 4: What is academic credibility? How does it relate to critical thinking? How does referring to, or citing, the experts in any field enhance your academic credibility? DQ 5: What does the Student Code of Academic Integrity mean to you? Which of the seven forms of academic dishonesty do you consider the gravest threat to being an ethical student?

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