Urgency Anthropology Homework Help

The last 10,000 years 

The domestication of plants and animals and the beginnings of a sedentary existence began at the end of the ice age or around 10,000 thousand years ago (+/-).  Before this time, all members of the genus Homo were highly mobile and relied on a wide variety of plants and animals but never were dependent on carbohydrate rich foods or a sedentary lifestyle till recently.   What kind of evolutionary pressures might a sedentary lifestyle that is heavily reliant on carbhydrate rich food potentially have on populations?  Your task this week will be to explore the biological changes that occurred as a result of adopting sedentary agriculture.

You will be graded on the following items:

  1. Pick a world region that underwent an early transition from foraging to agriculture (East Asia, Mesoamerica etc.) In no more than three sentences discuss when the initial transition into agriculture took place.  
  2. Explore one notable health consequence that is visible in the skeleton that occurred when human populations shifted from foraging (hunting and gathering) to agriculture in your chosen world region? You should use your textbook for this information 
  3. Respond to two other student posts. Make sure you respond to students that chose a different world region than yours. In your response, discuss a similarity and a difference in terms of how the transition from foraging to agriculture effected humans health (as seen in the skeletal system) 
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