what are the Sources of tyrosinase? Draw a table of various sources??

Physiological function each function 3 or 4 lines?
Melanin production (UV protection)
Primitive immune system for insects
Ripening in fruit (banana, avocado, apple etc)
Radical scavenging

2 pages. Biochemistry how does it work? What the biochemistry inside the cell? What the gene inside ? what kind of reaction (reaction catalyzed (figure of the reaction phenol? catachol? quinoa? melanin ),
Substrates (Table on substrates (L-tyrosine, D-tyrosine, 4-fluorophenol, 4-chlorophenol, 4-iodophenol, 4-bromophenpl)) and products (catechols)

Types of tyrosinase e.g mushroom, avocado, pear, pseudomonas, Number of units (tertiary and quaternary structure)

Kinetics (Km, Kcat, Vmax)

Mechanism: cofactors (CU2+) and find other cofactors , (deoxy, Met, oxy) The chemical state of the active site varies depending on the substrate /product status.
What the cppoer 1+,2+, what electronic state, what substrate is attack tyrosinase, and other substrate

www.expasy.ch go to ENZYME type in tyrosinase in the search box.
1and a half page Catechols: Biological activity of catechols, other enzymes that can produce catechols (Dopamine, why we are interesting in the enzyme, how improve has been done?

1and a half page Genetics (genes cloned, tyrosinase gene expression)

1and a half page Protein engineering of tyrosinase and protein engineering overview (site directed mutagenesis half explanation and diagram , Directed evolution half explanation and diagram (error prone PCR)

1and a half page Protein purification (His Tag technology)

4 lines Aims of the project

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