Tradition types/lineages/families/threads

Tradition types/lineages/families/threads

Essay Requirments:

Frame an argument that supports and explains personal theoretical ideas of tradition types/lineages/families/threads (that is: what are the characters ofthese 2 or more different types of tradition? What is that makes a group/lineage of work be part of the same tradition? Are these 2 or more types oftradition opposite or just different? Why and how? Or, perhaps, do they share some degrees of empathy, despite
being different? How do you support your ideas oftradition types/lineages/families/threads? Which philosophical/theoretical references
support your argument? etc.).

Further consolidate your 2 or more ideas oftradition by relating to these some architectural works by

different architects from the 2oth Century. In other words, students are required to group and discuss works from different architects that
nonetheless may be sharing some commonalities, and therefore could be considered parts ofthe same tradition, according indeed to the
argument that is put forward in orderto define and support these 2 or more types/ideas oftradition.

Describe how and why these works

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