Thomas Jefferson Custom Essay

Thomas Jefferson Picture House is the oldest cinema building in Scotland. It is the first cinema house in Campbell town and shows films in an atmosphere of a stylish decoration. The picture house was opened on 26th May 1913. Its architectural design was done by a historic cinema architect- AV Gardener. The plan projection of the Picture House has a series of concentric ovals, highest and narrowest with a projection box and a large oval below the one at the level of the balcony with a curved outlook and a foyer under. Its curved walls are very visible on the peripheral frontage, mirrored on the back wall of the auditorium. The back wall of the auditorium requires some better decorations (Palladio 44).  In 1935, Gardener redeveloped and modernized its interior and constructed some small buildings on both sides of the screen and the balcony to improve accessibility to the stairwells

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