This Summative Assignment Represents The Capstone

This summative assignment represents the Capstone Project of the entire Homeland Security and Emergency Management degree program. For this assignment, conduct research on a Homeland Security and Emergency Management topic utilizing the steps of the scientific method. This assignment will have incremental assignments to submit during Week One and Week Two of this course in order to ensure that you are progressing in proper research methodology and scope.  The research question and hypothesis approval is due in Week One and a literature review will be due in Week Two.  These assignments support the project, but they are graded separately and retain their own values separate from the Capstone research Project.Conduct an original research project in one of the following topic areas. For reference purposes and review, these key homeland security areas and sub-disciplines can be reviewed at the U. S. Department of Homeland Security website.TopicsCounterterrorism activities and programs in aviation security or law enforcement General Counterterrorism ( see Department of Homeland Security | Counterterrorism) Aviation (see Department of Homeland Security | Transportation Security) Law Enforcement (see Department of Homeland Security | Law Enforcement) Border security activities and programs in protecting America (See Department of Homeland Security | Border Security) Preparedness, response and recovery activities and programs in disaster response or disaster recovery (See Department of Homeland Security | Preparedness, Response & Recovery) Immigration activities and programs in immigration enforcement (See Department of Homeland Security | Immigration) Homeland security activities and programs in cybersecurity and privacy protection (See Department of Homeland Security | Cybersecurity)  

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