Theory to Practice Applied Project (TK20 Portfolio Artifact)

Theory to Practice Applied Project (TK20 Portfolio Artifact)

Theory to Practice Applied Project (TK20 Portfolio Artifact)The purpose of

This project is to provide you with an authentic opportunity to bridge the gap between the theoretical perspectives learned in class and your own understanding of cognition and motivation and the application of these principles to your current teaching, coaching, counseling, or professional leadership role. For this assignment, you are to select a class that you have taught, a group that you have worked with in a leadership or coaching role, or individuals you may have worked with to analyze current theoretical perspectives in action and to develop a lesson, training opportunity, or learning opportunity in which to improve the current learning and motivational perspectives of these individuals you are working with or have worked with in the past. Please note that you will not be expected to implement this project for assessment purposes. You may also work in pairs (2 members) on this project but see discussion under the DISCUSSION forum for requirements. The culminating class project will be comprised of 4 (four) parts as described below.


?? Introduction (15 points) – Provide a brief discussion of the class, group or individual that you will be analyzing within the current project. Please be sure to use pseudonyms where necessary and to protect the identity of any individuals, school, organization, etc. Address any issues of diversity (gender, race/ethnicity, religious, sexual orientation, varying abilities,

exceptionalities, motivation levels) as applicable or as necessary (these may not be needed). When describing the individuals you have or are working with please be sure to provide a discussion of why you are choosing this group or individual and the topics you are interested in discussing in the Analysis section of this project (these can change as we progress through the semester). Since many topics will be covered in the weeks to come it is expected that you will look ahead in the texts and see what catches your eye. When providing a discussion of the topics, be sure you also include a sentence or two about why you are selecting these topics. What might be the outcome?


?? Analysis (40 points) – The purpose of this section is to analyze your class, group, or individuals by discussing the principles of learning and motivation that were most relevant in your experience. Discuss the negatives and/or positives that were demonstrated in this class or by this group or individuals as it relates to the theoretical topics outlined within the Introduction. You should select at least 2 theoretical perspectives to develop thoroughly for this section. In defining the characteristics of the students or groups, apply concepts clearly and thoroughly as to provide rich description to ensure the reader understands why these principles are being addressed. Topics for this section will be discussed further over the course of the semester but include such areas as Attribution Theory, Goal Theory, Self- Efficacy, Expectancy Theory, etc.

?? Application (30 points) – Develop a lesson, activity, assessment or professional development

opportunity which involves learning and motivational concepts. Provide specific examples of how you will use these concepts and strategies to improve learning and motivation within your class or group. Be sure to discuss how student/group progress will be assessed in the aforementioned areas and make solid connections to theory discussed in the analysis section. This section does not have to be lengthy but should clearly outline how the theories will be applied to the participants. Citations are necessary in this section.

?? Reflection/Conclusion (10 points) – For the reflection section of the paper, consider at least two (2) of the following aspects and in doing so please be sure to make connections back to theory (include at least a few citations or references back to what researchers suggest about such topics:

o   Describe your own personal experience or involvement in shaping what you found out about your learners.

o   What did you learn?

o   What did you get out of this experience and how has it influenced your future as a practitioner?

o   What insight did your experience give you into the problem or topic you studied? For example: What were your ideas about the topic before you went into the project? Did your ideas change?

o   What problems or difficulties arose in completing this project? Did they force you to think or do things differently for the project?

o   What questions do you have about the development of learners based on this experience?

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