The Social Network

1.  Describe Mark Zuckerberg’s behaviour from an ethical perspective. What are the main
motives behind his actions? What would you do in you were him?

2.  Is there space for friendship in business? What issues might arise when personal relations
and professional relations are not distinct?

3.  Which intellectual properties issues are mentioned in the film? How the main characters
deal with them? What is your opinion regarding their behaviour?

?  The total time for the presentation should be 10-15 minutes including any videos shown
(videos should not exceed, in total, five minutes). There will be a timer running, so make
sure that you will practice a lot with your teammates.

?  Describe in short the plot/subject of the film. At this point you might want to show a short
trailer. The goal is to make the audience interested in the film you are going to present.
Explain why this is an interesting film, why did you choose it and how is related to ethics.

?  Which are the main business ethical issues discussed in the film? If the film is not about
business, which analogies can you draw to relate it to business ethics?

?  How would you describe the behaviour of the main characters in ethical terms?

?  Which scenes do you consider as the most representative of the main ethical issues in the
film? Show/describe/reproduce them.

?  Which quotes would you consider as the most characteristic ones? Present and analyse

?  Include whatever you think is interesting and relevant and will add value in our business
ethics class.

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