The Rise and Fall of Islamic Empire Worksheet

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The Rise and Fall of Islamic Empire Worksheet

Part 1: Islamic Expansion


The revelations of the Prophet Muhammad which became the basis for Islam had a profound impact on the history of civilization. The development and expansion of Islam affected Western Europe, Byzantium, and the far reach of the Byzantine Empire.


Complete the following short-answer questions. Answer in formal paragraphs of no more than 350 words for each of your responses. Outside sources must be cited consistent with APA guidelines. Use the McGraw Hill maps, located on the student website, and the course readings to assist you.


  1. To what extent did the expansion of Islam and its conflicts with Western Europe and the Byzantine Empire through the establishment of the Ottoman Empire effect global politics and society?
  2. To what extent did Ottoman successes and failures in economic, technological, and administrative strategy lead to the waning in its political might?
  3. What appeal did Islam have in its early years of expansion? What factors enabled Islamic conquerors to expand so rapidly?
  4. How far did Islam expand during the Middle Ages? What effect did this have on European society?
  5. What are some technological and administrative challenges that contributed to the waning of Islamic political power?


Part 2: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism Comparisons Matrix


Complete the following matrix. Answer in phrases or short sentences. Utilize a combination of Ch. 7 of the course text, the University Library, and Internet research. Compare Islam with Judaism and Christianity. Outside sources must be cited consistent with APA guidelines. Provide examples for your statements where applicable.


Religion Historical Figures and Events Central Beliefs Nature of God Texts Ritual and Practice Ethics/Morals Differences

























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