The love that surpasses death Custom Essay

The love that surpasses death Love can be defined as profound and tender affection to another person. There are several types of love; security which everyone needs to survive, romantic love such as is seen between spouses and unconditional loves that sincere love that lasts forever. Friendship love is that which is open and totally comfortable. Affection love is that which can be just of fondness and snot sexual. Puppy love is a fluctuation and occurs when one is very young, is strong but fades as one age. Death is the seizing of existence by stopping of all body processes or the cease of something; it is also the end of love and life. The tale of Genji is a good illustration of love and death being interconnected as it is observed that Genji’s mother lady Kiritsubo was born in a low status family and when her parents died the Emperor took her in and supported her after which she became her favorites

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