the important physical characteristics

Now imagine yourself in your region, and imagine you are in a lace where you can see the whole region, you also have a map of the physical spaces, and you begin to see how the physical environment of your region has led to how the people operate politically in that region.

Now, consider these questions to formulate your outline:

1. What are the important physical characteristics of your region and what is the impact on the region because of this?

2. How has the physical environment affected the people of the region? What did they do that changed the physical characteristics of the region and what was the impact of these changes?

3. What happened to the ecosystems of the region when the people changed the environment?

4. Where the changes made for the better or for the worse, for the region?

5. How what the people did, regarding the regions physical geography, affect its political future and institutions?

6. What of my personal interest or major can I use with the paper and make it interesting to me? You can use this as a way to organize the paper and be more specific on the overall topic so it, the paper, is interesting to you. If you are an education major or a GNS major, relate the paper to some of the important topics used in other classes. If you are a CJ or Business major, you can use ideas from your classes to compare the region to what you have learned prior to POL 201 class.

7. What conclusions can I make about the paper and use for future papers and the final paper?

Sources: newspapers (NYTimes & USA Today, as well as the WSJ), Lexis-Nexis (online through the Library), the CIA Fact Book (online), journals and periodicals (through EBSCO, through the Library, online).


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