The Epistemology of the Existence of God

Topic: The Epistemology of the Existence of God

ANALYZE EACH REASON FROM AN KNOWLEDGE, EPISTEMOLOGY VIEW WITH PROOFS OF WHAT WE KNOW TO BE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE REAONS FOR THE THESIS STATEMENT. SEE DRAFT ATTACHED. PLEASE INCLUDE CITATIONS FROM Melchert, N. (2011) The great conversation: A historical introduction to philosophy, 6th ed. ] ON PLATO’S PHILOSOPHY ON THE DISTINCTIONS BETWEEN OPINION AND KNOWLEDGE (PAGES 119-155 ARE ON PLATO). I CAN COPY PAGES IF THIS TEXT EDITION IS NOT AVAILABLE TO WRITER. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. REQUIRED IN TEXT CITATIONS: no others are necessary 1. Melchert, N. (2011) Citations from this text, with page numbers, can be up to but not exceed 1 ½ pages total. I am fine with several references from the test. Pages from the chapter on Plato are attached if you do not have access to this version of the textbook. Previous version of the text should not be used as the page numbers will not match. 2. The Life Application Bible NIV – not more than 1 page 3. Use internet article by Marilyn Adamson


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