The Effects of Economic Globalization: Is it Sufficient or Non Sufficient? Custom Essay

Is it sufficient or not sufficient? Name Course University Lecturer Date Globalization according to economists means assimilation through exchange of goods and services internationally. This can be measured through transport and tariffs costs, trade volumes and the regulation of a single price across borders. It can as well be defined as financial assimilation through exchange of benefits, which is seen in direct measuring of transactions and capital control costs, rate parity interest conditions, net and gross capital flows, consumption sharing and portfolio shares, direct investment in foreign countries, increased selling and buying of intermediate goods across the nations, contracting out of services from nation to nation and global outsourcing of employees. According to Wolf (2004), globalization is defined as the` movement in the direction of greater integration, as man-made and natural barriers to international economic exchange continue to fall. Therefore, globalization in the line of economics simply implies assimilation of monetary activities through trade

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