The effect of Sales Promotion on overall brand equity in B2C setting; evidence from Ghana telecommunication sector

Synopsis All empirical research have so far been investigating the relationship between sales promotion and aspect/dimension of brand equity

There is, therefore, a need for research aiming at identifying and understanding all dimensions of brand equity to get the deep recognition about the impact of sales promotions on brand equity.

The investigation and explanation of the influential effect on only one dimension of brand equity do not seem enough to cover all aspects of consumers? long-term brand values. Hence, the overall brand equity, not only just individual aspects such as brand association and perceived quality, would be served as the objective of measurement to test the effectiveness of sales promotions.

This paper would examine at least four factors of brand equity which may be influenced by sales promotion to test the effect of sales promotion in order to achieve overall conclusive investigation on the influence of sales promotion on brand equity

The outline of the proposal ? Introduction/Background of the study ? Problem statement ? Research gap/Justification of the study/Literature Review ? Theoretical/Conceptual Framework ? Research objectives ? Research questions ? Significance of the study ? Research Design and Methodology ? Data Collection Methods ? Analysis of Data and Interpretation of Findings ? Scope and limitations of the study ? The organisation of the thesis ? Reference

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