The Effect of High and Low Budgets on Work Custom Essay

Table of Contents 1 Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Budget Analysis 4 Service quality and Budget Constraints 1 Hospital Off-Load Delay Situation 2 Service Delivery Improvement 5 Budget Allocation and Key Issues in 2011 6 Research Design 7 Methodology 8 Statistical Testing 9 Conclusion 10 Appendices 3 Appendix 1 4 Appendix 2 5 Appendix 3 References Abstract Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is the major department of health sector which is entitled to a government budget every fiscal year. In the recent past, EMS has been adversely affected due to the poor economic conditions and inflationary pressures. These external factors have affected the budget of EMS in many ways. We took a sample budget and analyzed the allocation of budget which has been volatile with high and low proportions to the sub-sectors of EMS. A study based on secondary sources has been conducted to see the effect of high and low budget on the work performance of EMS. We have used descriptive research design and a secondary data collection method for this research while conducting a longitudinal study. From the studies and findings it became evident to us that EMS budget shows inconsistency in maintaining their operations and in providing nece…

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