The company’s Environment and assets

Project Charter

Document Management System:

The Sponsor

ABC Company maintains a large data as hardcopies for processing and archiving. The company has recently realised that it is not efficient and safe to keep record as hard copies. The company management is worried on data loss as well time loss during record searching. The management has decided to opt to document management systems in which they can keep records safe and easy to search. At the same time the records would be backed up regularly in case of any disaster or technology failure.

Strategic Plan

The company try to eliminate issues related to the record management for the high data capacity. The company aims to install and train people in document management system in order to minimise the paper work process. The company aims to provide many more facilities online in which the customers or employees submit documents online.


Product Scope Description

The company is very keen to introduce, develop and run project to review, order, install and train people in document management system. The whole project should be ready before summer 2014 so that the company announce it services online.

The company’s Environment and assets

The company has already employed skilled and experienced people in their fields. Those employees and others will be ready to join the project team during the project life cycle.

The company has not got any strict rules when it comes to employing staff for the project, cost, quality and any other resource required to develop the project.


  1. Formulate a project charter based on what you know from the case above.
  2. Use any template that you like to produce the project charter.
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