The Changing American Family

The major writing component of the course will involve a Presentation and on an assigned topic and a written form of the presentation going into more detail on the topic presented.  The written work on the topic should be about 1,000 words, word-processed and double spaced. Your presentation and writing should identify the central theme of the topic and the evidence/arguments to support the focus of the topic, (that is, it should strive to discuss and analyze the content of the topic). Present the key ideas or arguments  and your reactions(views) to them.

The discussion/presentation topics will consist of topics extracted from Galbraith and Perry & Perry. In preparing for presentation, group members need to meet and jointly

a.       identify the basic concepts and issues their topic entails; and

b.      relate the concepts/issues to current social problems, illustrating with examples.

Everybody is expected to participate in the discussion after the presenters have made their main points. Hence, everybody must read every reading assigned for presentation.

A 2-page summary of the main points will be submitted to the instructor at the end of each presentation.

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