The Abbreviated Marketing Plan for TOTO

In Canada you are interviewed by a Japanese businessman – the Marketing Manager of TOTO. You researched the company before the interview and discovered that the company TOTO is one of the largest producers of Washroom Facilities in the world with head offices in Japan.
, the Marketing Manager needs your help in writing an abbreviated marketing plan, which he wants to present to the management of TOTO in Japan,
?    The Marketing Plan must contain the following mandatory modules & elements and in this specific order!
?    You must give numbers to the elements as listed below and insert page-numbers on each page!
?    You must indicate on the last page the sources you used for research and information, such as websites, brochures and people and / or other sources.

1. Market Entry Strategy    Comments (3 pages)
1.1 Description of major competitors Who are the competitors doing the same thing or distribute similar items
1.2 Analysis of competitive position    In what place is Toto among these competitors (create a chart of competitive positioning)
1.3 Location of the business    From where do you suggest shall the company operate: city, location, warehousing

2. Purchases and Regulatory Issues    Comments (2 pages)
2.1 Purchases    What type of inventory do you suggest and how many units to stock
2.2 Sources of the products    From where are the products coming and how will they arrive
2.3 Equipment needed    Is there any additional equipment needed to sell or maintain the products
2.4 Intellectual property protection Does the company have patent or legal rights protection
2.5 Other regulatory issues (CSA …)    What requirement or restrictions is the government imposing on these products
2.6 Transport and Logistics distribution    How and from where should Toto bring the products to the target market

3. Human Resources    Comments (1 page)
3.1 Sales force    What type of sales force will be needed, how many and how to select
3.2 Support staff    Is there a need of any other permanent support staff, helpers, drivers,
3.3 Contracting – subcontractors    What type of work can be subcontracted to independent firms

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