technical Writing week 6

  1. In our textbook, read “Chapter 6: Designing Illustrations” on pages 112 – 147.

  2. Do Exercise 2 on page 145.

    •   Design a recruiting flyer or brochure that includes at least five (5) illustrations, and be sure your illustrations are guided by the “Illustration Checklist” on p. 144.

    •   Use standard 8.5 x 11-inch page for your flyer or brochure, with at least 0.5-inch margins.

    •   At a minimum, include the following illustrations:

      •   photographs representing, for example, the founder, the building and its facilities, the Long Beach CA area, etc.

      •   screen shots representing the two products mentioned. (Be sure to cite any photos you borrow.)

      •   a pie chart representing the portion of employees on each area of the company. In this case, because

        the numbers are so small, use percentages, not the actual numbers.

      •   a bar chart or line graph representing the increase in sales over the five-year period.

    •   Include any other visuals that will make the flyer or brochure persuasive for its intended readers, but avoid generic clip art or any other visuals that don’t convey useful, relevant information. Try to make your brochure as professional-looking as possible.

    •   Be sure to cite photos and screen shots you borrow from the web. Design the pie chart and bar graph yourself using MS Excel®, SmartDraw, or some other appropriate application. You can download a free trial of SmartDraw at .

    •   Be sure your flyer or brochure incorporates all other relevant principles of ethics, readability, and document design addressed in previous chapters.

    •   Proofread and edit your work carefully.

  3. Save your response to Exercise 2 as a single MS Word file or PDF. Be sure to use the correct file

    name, e.g., JaneDoeWeek6.docx or JaneDoeWeek6.pdf.

  4. Upload your file by to the Week 6 link in the Assignments & Exams page of Bb by the due date and time.


As I evaluate your assignment, I will ask myself the following questions:

  •   Have you followed the instructions in this assignment sheet, in the assigned textbook exercise, and in the syllabus?

  •   Does your response to the exercise show clear evidence that you have read and understood the assigned readings?

  •   Do your responses conform to the criteria listed in the “Grades” section of the syllabus? 

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