Supporting Medical & Intensive Edu Needs

Read the attached article about medical school rotations through special education programs.  Summarize the article.  What are your thoughts about this, would it be best practice that doctors get a chance to see what actually happens in a special education program?  Would it be a good experience for special education teachers to visit and spend time in pediatric specialty program/clinic?   Your summary should be no more than 1-1.5 pages.


Read through the attachment on transportation issues and children with medical needs.  Answer the following questions

1.  A child in your classroom has diabetes.  What information would need to be transmitted to the transportation department if the child were going to transported to school?

2.  A child in your classroom has epilepsy and frequent seizures.  What precautions would need to be in place for the child to be safely transported on a school bus?

3.  A child has severe behavior outbursts and has put his hands through glass windows in the past.  If the child were assigned to school transportation what precautions would need to be put in place?

4.  Transportation is considered a related service.  Is every child with an IEP eligible for door to door transportation?

5.  What needs to be considered when transporting a child in a wheelchair?  Is it safe to transport a child in a wheelchair with the lap tray attached to the chair?

I’m attaching an example for the second part.

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