Strategic Evaluation of a Company

Strategic Evaluation of a Company

• LO1: Understand how the management functions interrelate and how they participate in the development of a business plan that is a detailed description of a business strategy.

• LO2: Analyse the internal and external environment and locate strengths and weaknesses within the company and opportunities and threats outside the company and

• LO3: Understand the implications in the development of a business/corporate strategy development

• LO4: Have a clear understanding of the environment, to develop alternative strategies that can ensure long term prosperity for a company and choose among them using not only analytical skills but intuition and judgement

• LO5: Develop a good understanding of the dynamics of business strategy development and change.
You have been hired as a strategy consultant by a firm of you choice. In this context you are expected to critically address the following:
Note: It is indicated in square brackets the emphasis you should put on each of the following areas]
• Conduct a five-forces analysis and critically discuss what we learn about the nature and strength of the competitive pressures that are exerted on the company. [EXTENSIVELY]
• Critically analyse the key success factors for firms in the industry and briefly refer to the forces that have the power to alter the nature and structure of competition in the industry. [BRIEFLY]
• Conduct a SWOT analysis and discuss how attractive the company’s situation is. Proceed with identifying its core competency. [EXTENSIVELY]
• Based on the above evaluate the company’s generic strategy, its growth strategy and the offensive or defensive strategy it uses. [EXTENSIVELY]
• What actions would you recommend to the top management of the company to improve the company’s competitive position and proceed successfully in the future? (alliances, J.V.s, mergers, acquisitions, vertical integration, outsourcing, et cetera) .Fully discuss your recommendations. [EXTENSIVELY]
The review of the literature should not be presented independently in your assignment, but integrated throughout the report. Extensive reliance on literature is expected to assist you in your analysis and development of recommendations.
You are expected to have a minimum of 20 references, with a minimum of 10 from academic journals. Acting as consultants it is obvious that you should extend your research beyond academic literature and find “industry” information on environment conditions, market trends and competition.
Students are expected to follow the following report structure:
? Executive summary
? Table of Contents
? Introduction
? Main body of the report (including what is required as per “Detailed Description” section)
? Recommendations for actions that should/could be/have been taken
? Conclusions
? Bibliography OR Reference List – you must utilise the Harvard Reference System
? Appendices – optional

All sentences or passages quoted in this coursework from other people’s work should be specifically acknowledged by clear cross-referencing to author, work and page(s). Failure to do this amounts to plagiarism and will be considered grounds for failure in this coursework. It is on the instructor’s discretion to contact an oral examination, which will result to the award of the final grade to that particular piece of coursework.




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