Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

Asians in the US (part 1) 

This DB is to discuss issues related to Asian groups in the U.S.This is the writing assignment that you are expected to do for this learning unit. You will write a 500 words (OR MORE) message addressing these questions:

After viewing the movies (“From the Philippines to the US. Filipino Doctors in Rural America” and “Angry Little Asian Girl, Lela Lee”) reading the assigned materials and visiting the website “Searching for Asian America” (where you will read the online discussion ASIAN AMERICAN IDENTITY & BEYOND THE MODEL MINORITY), you need to address the following questions in a short essay (500 words).

Why Asians are portrayed as a model minority? What are the negative implications of this label for this minority group? Is this idea of the ideal model minority a myth or it reflects a social reality? Are Asians (like other minorities) affected by racial discrimination in the US? What kind of personal and social dilemmas Asian people (Filipino, Korean, etc.) face in the US (according to the stories from the movies that you have seen)?

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