Socio-Culture associated with occupational performance/ engagement- reporting on it

This assignment is based on the socio-cultural factors of the environment that enable or constrain successful performance in a person’s daily life.


You will interview a student/PERSON with another cultural/social/ethnic background different to your own. When defining cultural/social background please refer to the literature recommended. You will be required to base your interview on the different areas of their life. Enquire about the cultural/social/ethnic differences between their family life, college life, and social life here in Ireland and the traditional Irish culture as opposed to their culture and home country, if their home country is different to Ireland. You will pay particular attention to how this culture affects their experiences of engagement in culturally laden activities. Pay particular attention to how the commonly perceived Irish culture supports or is intolerant of people of different cultural/social/ethnic backgrounds.


Your information should be presented in the form of a narrative report supported by the occupational therapy literature relating to the area of social, cultural and ethnic diversity


Word count 1000 words.


In this assignment I had to talk to someone of a different socio culture back around and just show evidence how moving countries to a new culture can hinder occupational performance/ engagement. Discuss the norm of that culture of that person.



Below on the next page is the discussion I had with the women and her culture is what I am to base this assignment on. She is Chinese and it is to be compared to irish/western culture. You can make up some of the answers as you go along if you wish or even compare the western culture and how it affects a person’s occupational performance/engagement to a different culture, one that you are more familiar with. Discuss things like the norm of the culture of that person… living in Ireland that could be an issue……/that could be a conflict of culture,/ my common understanding of Irish culture is……/ connect to reading or evidence. Any reading / evidence must be in APA style just google culture and occupational therapy/ performance/engagement. Give a definition of culture. focus on maybe 3 areas to talk about/ contrast, how moving to Ireland affected her daily occupations, such as food, religion, socializing, health and medicine, the culture contrasts. How she can’t shop in the markets can’t locate ingredients she always used, or make some evidence up, always bring back to occupational performance/ engagement

Culture is the “shared experience that provides the individual and the group with effective mechanisms for interacting both with others and with the surrounding environment”

(Krefting & Krefting, 1991, pp.102, cited in Willard

& Spackman’s Occupational Therapy 2003

OCCUPATIONAL PERFORMANCE: The ability to perceive, desire, recall, plan and carry out roles, routines, tasks and sub-tasks for the purpose of self-maintenance, productivity, leisure and rest in response to demands of the internal and/or external environment.


Below is what I picked up from the discussion


I talked to a women who is from Xi-an in China. She is 34 years of age and has been living in Ireland in Bundoren in Donegal for the last 8 years. She moved over to be with her boyfriend now husband and she has 2 kids. Back in China she lived with her parents and was an only child. Her father worked as a labourer in a factory and her mum, run a stall in the local market selling different fruit and vegetable. When Mimi lived in china she also worked alongside her mum in the stall. She learned English from attending some local classes and with a program online. Her native language in mandarin. For mimi are an important aspect of her culture and they eat a lot of different vegetables and mostly fish rice and noodle, pork is sometime eaten. They start there day very early getting up a dawn and would have morning tea, almost like a ritual. There meals are eaten on a woven mat on the floor using chopsticks. She would buy ingredients almost daily at the local market where they have a wide selection of different meats fish fruit and veg, this is a social outing as she normally goes with a friend or she will spend time talking to the vendors she knows. Its an enjoyable experience for her. She commented on how the food in Ireland is very different how she find it hard to get the ingredients she live as she is living in a very small country town in Ireland, there are no markets and she now must buy her groceries in a a grocery store. She misses the markets the smells the vibrancy and buzz of the place. Chinese take away food is very different here in Ireland. Some time when she goes to the bigger cities such as Dublin she can go to special shops and they have a variety of spices and vegtables she would have used at home. Shes been cooking from a very early age and always cooks the meals at home. She is a Buddhist and is her family. She has a cousin who is a monk. She would mostly walk everywhere but sometimes she used public transport to get around, it was a big busy city. The streets were full of food markets no food markets in bundoren in Donegal. When meeting Chinese people there ask very personal questions about marriage children and salary find the irish people more reserved. The Chinese work very hard and long hours her dad would work 12 hour shifts sometime, her whole family has always worked very very hard, believes in holistic medicine and natural remedies using natures ingredients, never went to the doctors first always to a Chinese medicine doctor who used only herbs and acupuncture. Had a shine in the main room in there house for Buddhism a peaceful corner where the family would meditate daily.

When she moved to Ireland she first found it so strange how quite it was she remembers arriving in Dublin for the first few nights and be amazed at how quite it was and how her now sister in law told her wait until you see were youre going, which was Bundoren in Donegal a very small town in Ireland. She could not get over how there wasn’t people everywhere and high rise building, the weather was very cold for her also.  Her occupational performance was disrupted when she could not go to the markets and buy her ingredients that she was used to cooking, could not prepare the meals she was used to having, started eating in a more western way using knives and forks, missed socializing with her friends at the market and going for walks or tea with them which she did regularly. She found the language barrier hard she was the only Chinese person in bundoren, she was unable to get a job and felt very bored when she first arrived , the only people she knew was her boyfriend and his two sisters that lived close by. She found that when she had children she integrated more in the culture and make friends with other mum though going to local classes and through her children from school activities, she now runs a youtube channel where she demonstrates and constructs and discusses various children toys available on the market and that take up quite a lot of her time, this gave her the most independence shes had in a very long time, she has been quite successful and now owns her own apartment, that’s another contrast in china everybody lived in apartments and she was struck by how many irish people all own houses, when she first moved to Ireland she lived in a house but now lives in an apartment as she found the house to big. She always prefers minimalistic things, house not overcrowded with material objects, but objects that have meaning, she was unable to go to a place of worship as there was none near buy but has set up a shine in her home and still meditates daily. She admits probably lives a more western life then eastern at the present. Found it hard to get use to the Irish always joking but now she is used to the culture and enjoys and socializing aspect, gos to the pub every Friday to listen to a local irish trad band. Another contrast she doesn’t understand is that irish people , her husband , always like to eat dinner with the tv on or in the sitting room a foreign concept to her, she did not have a tv in china



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