SOC 203 Week 1 Quiz

This document of SOC 203 Week 1 Quiz includes answers to the next questions:

1. In the 1992 Casey vs. Planned Parenthood decision, the Supreme Court struck down a Pennsylvania law that required, among other things, a 24hour waiting period between the confirmation of a pregnancy and an abortion.

2. In what year did the Supreme Court rule that abortions were legal?

3. The 1992 Supreme Court decision in the Casey vs. Planned Parenthood case upheld a Pennsylvania law that placed which of the following restrictions on abortion?

4. In 1973, abortion became legal in the United States by virtue of

5. The Hyde Amendment, passed by Congress in 1976,

6. A researcher asks, “What is your relationship to the people you are living with?” He provides the following list of choices: parents/relatives, friends, spouse, living by myself, other. What method of gaining information is being used?

7. A social problem for some may be a solution for others.

8. The first state to define abortion as a private, noncriminal act was Alaska.

9. The text argues that one of the ways that sociologists can promote a better understanding of social problems is by

10. In Kristin Luker’s study of an abortion clinic, she found that many unmarried women who obtained abortions had not used contraceptives because they did not want to confront the fact that they were sexually active.

11. One of the major advantages of using openended rather than closedended questions is that

12. Experiments are rarely used in the study of social problems because

13. According to Georg Simmel, subordinate/dominant relationships are normally characterized by the exercise of oneway naked power rather than by some form of social exchange.

14. ________ is a sociological theory that closely examines the symbols which people use to communicate with one another.

15. A theory explains the relationship between two or more concepts.

16. The term “the social construction of reality” refers to the process by which people put themselves in another person’s shoes, empathize with how that person feels and thinks, and anticipates how that person will act.

17. The German leader Otto Von Bismark pioneered the world’s first social security scheme.

18. According to Georg Simmel, conflict may have positive features because it brings people together into cohesive groups.

19. The term dependency ratio refers to

20. ________ is a powerful contemporary political lobby organized to fight for the interests of older Americans.

21. When the thousands of employees of the Social Security Administration follow each specified rule carefully, it often nevertheless results in “red tape,” which reduces their ability to effectively serve the aged. Because these rules are not intended to have this effect, this is an example of a

22. According to Mead, to place oneself in someone else’s shoes and to empathize with how that person feels and thinks is to

23. The concept of the lookingglass self was developed by

24. Disengagement theory is associated with

25. According to functionalism, the failure of one part of society is called a

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