Similar Polygons

Part 1: Plan and Make a Model

You have been selected to design a stain glass window for the city. It must include the following:

  1. The picture must have a design or theme.
  2. You must choose (at least) 5 different polygons. (No curves allowed)
  3. Use graph paper (8.5 by 11 in) and a straight edge to sketch your model.
  4. For each polygon
    1. Label the vertices with coordinate points (ordered pairs –ex. (3,4) ) and also with a letter so you can say triangle ABC…
    2. Calculate the length of each side of each polygon. (You will need to use the distance formula to find some of the lengths.)  Put your answer on your design and show the work on the table for each polygon (described in the next paragraph).

Part 2: Actual Measurements

After you complete your model, the city asked you to provide them with the actual measurements of your design. Since your final piece measures 255 inches by 330 inches, you need to provide the city with the exact measurements of your design and each figure so that the city can buy all of your materials. (Keep in mind that your original piece was on a standard sheet of 8.5 by 11 inch graph paper. You need to know this for when you set up your proportions.) Create a table for each polygon with your data, showing all calculations.

The table should include:

  1. Each polygon name (triangle ABC) and all of the side lengths of the model.
  2. The proportions and calculations that show your actual dimensions.
  3. The actual dimensions of the stained glass window.
  4. The perimeter calculated for each polygon.

Scoring Guide – 50 Points Possible


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