Short Paper 2: Behavior Change Reflection

Short Paper 2: Behavior Change Reflection


We discussed several health behavior change models and steps to making a health behavior change. You chose a personal health behavior to change, completed a Behavior Change Contract, and, ideally, implemented the change. Short Paper 2 will be a reflection on the behavior you chose to change over the semester, and should incorporate personal experiences with information presented in the textbook and lectures.


It must contain the following elements:


1)      An overview of the behavior you chose. [2 points]

2)      Include what the long-term goal was and why you chose it. [1 point]

3)      What were the three obstacles you chose and why? [1.5 points]

4)      Are they still obstacles? [0.5 points]

5 points
5)      What strategies did you choose to attempt to overcome your obstacles and why? [1.5 points]

6)      What components of a health behavior change model that we discussed in class (i.e., Health Belief Model, Social Cognitive Theory, & Transtheoretical Model of Change) do these strategies represent? [3 points]. In order to get credit for this, you need to demonstrate that you understand the behavior change models by clearly stating how your strategies specifically fit within the model(s). You can use one model for all 3 strategies, or a different model to explain one or more of the strategies.

7)      Were these strategies helpful, why or why not? [0.5 points]



5 points
8)      Out of the resources you chose, which was the most helpful and why? [1 point]

9)      Which was the least helpful and why? [1 point]

2 points



10)  What were 3 short-term goals and your experiences with them? [1.5 points]

11)  Were you able to meet them? Why/why not? [1 point]

12)  How did you adjust them along the way to help improve your success? [1.5 points]

4 points
13)  Choose one of your short-term goals and give at least two examples of how it reflects the behavior change steps we discussed in class (see Health Behavior Change lecture slides). 4 points
14)  Overall presentation of ideas [1 point]

15)  Clarity and conciseness [1 point]

16)  Originality [1 point]

17)  Grammar and spelling [1 point]

18)  Submit your Behavior Change Contract with your final paper. [1 point]


5 points



Additional instructions/information:

  • Your paper will be 2.5 to 3 double-spaced pages long (12-point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins). We will not read beyond the third page when grading your paper.


  • The paper must be typed. It must be clear and concise. Please check your paper for grammatical and spelling accuracy.


  • A hard copy of the paper is due no later than April 17, 2018 at 2:00 pm. Papers submitted after 2:00 pm (i.e., at 2:00 and 1 second) on the due date will be deducted by 10% for each weekday they are late. Electronic versions of the paper will NOT be accepted. Bring a hard copy to class.


  • You do not need a cover page or Abstract. Please include your first and last name and eid on every page. Please do not include lengthy headers; the majority of the 3 pages should be devoted to content.


  • A note about the grading of these papers à You may not receive detailed written feedback on your graded paper, as this is not the most efficient or effective way to help you learn the most you can from this assignment. I encourage you to visit office hours discuss specific questions you may have.


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