self-motivated research

self-motivated research

1. General Requirements

This assignment is an individual effort based on self-motivated research using mainly the Internet resources, aiming to assess the students’ ability in carrying out in-depth studies of various issues related to the subject of information management. It contributes 40% to the overall mark of the module assessment.
The assignment should be printed in A4 size and comb-bound. The work limit for this assignment is 2,500 words. You have to achieve a minimum of 30% qualifying mark to pass the module.
The hand –in date for this element is 6th January 2014.

2. Tasks and Mark Distribution

a) Discuss the importance of aligning the business company’s long-term Information Management Strategy with its overall corporate strategy. Find a suitable case study to illustrate the benefits of the aligned strategies. (25%)

b) Analyse the IS/IT systems of a typical high street estate agent. You can use published case studies or obtain original information using methods such as questionnaire, interview, etc. Make suggestions as to how the latest IT technologies can further improve the efficiency and economic performance of the company. (25%)

c) Propose a new structure of the computer system for the company in Question B, particularly the database components and suggest how data can be better used to generate information for improving the customer services. (25%)

d) A company with approximately 20 different functional departments and 5,000 employees would like to introduce a new IT system to manage the internal data sharing. As an IS/IT specialist you are asked to manage the introduction process of the new system. What issues do you anticipate to come across during the process and how do you suggest to resolve them. (25%)

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