self analysis

self analysis
War Poems of Siegfriend Sassoon
Base detail
1. a. Where does the speaker want to live?
b. What does he want to become?
c. Where does he want to die if ever?
The general
2. a. What was the greeting of the general?
b. What is the reaction of the general after the war?
c. What do these lines show us about war?
To any dead officer
3. a. Who are the persons whom the speaker is speaking of?
b. What does the speaker feel about the dead soldiers?
c. What did he told about them?
The rear-guard
4. a. Where was the location of the rear-guard?
b. What does he wanted from the read lines?
c. Did he get the help he sought?
5. a. Where was the speaker lost?
b. What is the image the speaker is trying to create?
c. What does it tell about the parents of the soldiers?
Suicide in the trenches
6. a. Who is the one being described in the lines?
b. What does the speaker told about him?
c. How does he describe him?
The hero
7. a. Who are the characters in the lines?
b. Who sent the letter to Jack?
c. What does it tell about Jack?
Does it matter?
8. a. What is the question being repetitively asked in the lines?
b. What are the things that really do not matter?
c. How does the speaker reflect on the examples cited?
9. a. Who are the referred survivors?
b. What are the facial expressions of the survivors?
c. Is there still hope for them to live happily?
Fight to a finish
10. a. What is the image portrayed in the lines?
b. What can be the celebration all about?
c. Does the image connote success?

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