School Voucher programs (Education)


A constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage (Law)
Should the United States begin moving toward nuclear power options? (Science)
The danger of staph infections (Health and Science)
Prayer in public schools (Philosophy and Religion)
Reinstituting the draft for military service (History, Politics)
Restrictions on where registered sex offenders can live (Law, Sociology, Psychology)
Public money and the funding of the arts (Arts)
Medicating children for conditions such as ADD (Psychology and Medical Science)
Journalist shield laws (Journalism)
Genetic screening for fetuses (Biology)
Privatizing social security (Economics)
What is the definition of “torture”? (Law, Politics, Philosophy)
NAFTA (Economics, Government)
Drivers licenses for illegal immigrants (Politics, Government)
Autism and vaccinations (Health, Science)
Hate crimes legislation (Law)
Drilling for oil in Alaska (Environment)
Drilling for oil off shore (Environment)
Public bailout for private corporations (Business, Government)


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