Sales Presentation

Sales Presentation

Using the product (Pet Supplies), write a sales presentation (approximately 12 pages). The paper should focus on the following areas: Your personal philosophy and a description of your product (approximately 1 page); who your target customer base is and if there are any ethical considerations with your product and/or customer base (approximately 1 page); what is the reason your customer base needs your product (What issue does your product solve, etc.) (approximately 2 pages); Describe the sales cycle (transactional or long term) for your product as well as the buying cycle of your customer base (approximately 1 page); Develop the presentation in written form that focuses on the six step sales presentation plan (approximately 4-5 pages); Comment on potential customer objections (quality, price, service, delivery, etc.) and how you might overcome these objections (approximately 2 pages). Conclude with a brief summary of what you have learned and how you will apply the concepts to your personal and/or professional life (approximately 1-2 pages). Be sure that the paper is written in APA format, including a cover page and properly cited sources.


I have attached an APA Template that will be utilized for this assignment. The assignment shall be completed on this template. No other format will be acceptable.


This assignment needs to be original work that will pass with a percentage less then 10% or it will be considered un-acceptable.


If proper length is not achieved the assignment will be considered un-acceptable.

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