The Risk that caused Enron’s Downfall

Read the case “Profile of Enron” in your coursepack. Using the information from lectures and your own additional research, answer the following FOUR questions:
1.How did Enron create value for its customers?
2.Would you have wanted to work for Enron? Why or why not?
3.Why did Enron go bankrupt? Choose from the following list (or choose more if you feel it is appropriate) and provide a detailed, evidence-based justification for your position: a.Were the decisions and actions inherently dangerous or really bad ideas, making it only a matter of time?
b.Was it the result of poor execution of a good plan?
c.Was it the result of poor corporate governance (e.g., the plan was good but somebody’s personal interests diverged from corporate interests, resulting in the company acting contrary to its stated practices)?
d.IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER EXPLANATION, please explain and justify it.

4.Financial and other statements, were generated and submitted to all of the appropriate authorities. Why didn’t anyone notice what was happening?

Remember to write well. Clarity, structure, organization, format, grammar, spelling, sources, citation, references. In addition, take care in how you write. If you make a claim, it needs to be justified and solid. Think about how someone might disagree with you or challenge your position? How might you respond?

Think of it this way: taking a position is a risk. As you formulate your answers to the questions for this assignment, try to anticipate the risks associated with your position. What objections might arise to your argument? How well do your sources support your claim? Is your evidence sufficient? Are your sources good, and reputable? Remember to utilize the critical thinking resources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. as you read, write, and revise.

This paper should be between 4 and 6 pages in length.

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