M5D1: Transnational Terrorism

Respond to the following: Answer each discussion(X2) with a minimum of 325 words each or more with at least 2 references. Be thoughtful and insightful and it must demonstrate critical thinking and analysis. Thank You        

M5D1: Transnational Terrorism

Transnational terrorism now involves nonstate perpetrators, that is, persons not affiliated with, or supported by any established country, to an extent unprecedented in modern history. Transnational movements and substate groups, that is, movements by groups with no internationally recognized government, have tremendous power to cause violence, death, and terror to the American public. Transnational terrorism ultimately depends upon the appeal of an ideology that excuses or even glorifies the deliberate killing of innocent persons.

  1. 1. Research a specific transnational terrorist group. Explain why you think they are transnational according to the definitions. Why do you think they present a serious threat to America?


M5D2: Special-Interest Extremists

Special-interest terrorists seek to resolve specific issues, rather than effect widespread political change. For example, radical environmental activists may employ illegal tactics that cost industries millions of dollars. However, it is also argued that the government and industries often respond by publicly branding radical environmental activists with the pejorative term of “ecoterrorists.”

  1. Research a case in which the individuals accused of eco-terrorism incurred sentencing enhancement to their conviction for the underlying property crimes. Present an argument based on the facts of your case that either supports or does not support the necessity of terrorism sentence enhancement
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