Request Assistance with Creationism, Catastrophism and Neocatastrophism

Dear professor,

I really need assistance with the following earth science questions!

TED Talk/Q&A Creationism, Catastrophism and Neocatastrophism

Your answers should be in full sentences and paragraph form. Please use your own words…copy and pasting from the internet is not allowed. You should site any sources that you use.

1)       (25 points)

Base your answer on the video Peter Ward: A theory of Earth’s mass extinctions.

View the slide below from the TED talk and the headline form RSC (Chemistry World). Explain these slides…How do they relate. What do YOU think of what they suggest?

2) (25 points)

Mr. Ward discussed the oceanic sediments:

Chalk > Ir > Clay > Tertiary Life

How did this discovery lead geologists into the era of Neocatastrophism? Explain this discovery and contrast neocatastrophism with other schools of thought…namely creationism and catastrophism.

3. (50 points)

Young v. Old Earth Discussion: I can’t assume we are all on the same page in this class, after all it is a science class but many of us have preconceived notions. We learn that the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old and that various mass extinctions have shaped evolution on Earth. One of the great debates in this country is the “young” earth vs. the “old” earth. For this essay I would like you to explore each what each theory is and then add your opinion.

Give me facts/references.

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