Renaissance Drama

Your goal for this essay is to argue for the way an idea, theme, convention, or set of values works in more

than one play we have read this semester. You may consider two plays by the same author or look at plays by
different playwrights. You may also choose to include more than two plays in your analysis.
As you construct your argument, make sure to take into account the way(s) that the idea, theme, convention, or
set of values participates in the OVERALL AGENDA of the plays in question as you understand it. In addition,
your argument should be more than a set of observations about how the idea, theme or convention gets depicted
differently (or similarly) in each play. Argue for the value added by the comparison itself– how we see or
understand the topic better in light of the comparison than we would have without the benefit of having more
than one play under consideration.
Your essay should include at least FIVE OUTSIDE SOURCES (these may include essays we have read for class). Not
every outside source will necessarily play a large role in your argument. Remember that you can use sources to
support your reading or as platforms for disagreement.

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