Reflective Journals Essay

Hi Writer. please choose one of the topics ( L01,L02.L03,L04 )
from the attached file (MGMT11165.Module_10.Study_Guide.2011)

@@ here is some points to remind you some of the necessary requirements the number of words appr. (((( 400 ))))
@@The number of the sources is essential.
@@The assessment details will be attached with this order as PDF file under the name (course profile) and it’s assessment item (1)
@@The way you should write this assignment should be in this order.

$$$ Some students have asked for guidance regarding the weekly blog format. The following is appropriate.
&& Synopsis – this is a summary of the content of the article; About 50 to 100 word long.
&& Critique – how well you think the author or authors address the article topic; About 150 word long aprox.
&& Reflection – how you think the article has assisted you in understanding the weekly course topic. About 150 words long

** could you please write the name of the databases for each reference you used and also I will attach a guide file to follow writing the references.

** please I need your help to get higher marks in this subject. thanks again in advance..

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