Reflection Document

Reflection Paper Instructions

Cultural competency begins with an understanding of self. This assignment is intended to allow you an opportunity to reflect upon your own worldview. Our opinions are influenced by input from familial, religious, educational, and a multitude of other sources. For this project, consider primarily the familial component and write a 4–5-page assessment of your own familial culture. The paper must address similarities and differences between your own culture and other major cultural groups to be studied in the course. Our upbringing is often the source of our personal biases and prejudices; therefore, you should pay particular attention to sources of personal bias and prejudice toward people of other cultures. Jesus told us to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  Yet, intercultural differences frequently give rise to misunderstandings and conflict. You must also investigate ways to minimize the impact of their cultural biases when providing public health services to others. No references are required for this paper; however, if you choose to use outside sources as a basis for comparisons, current AMA style must be used to properly cite and document those ideas.

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