Refer to the following phase diagram (not to scale!) for krypton : At a pressu

Refer to the following phase diagram (not to scale!) for krypton :


At a pressure of 1 atm, the temperature 115.9 K is called the of Kr .

The normal boiling point for Kr is at  K

The triple point pressure for Kr is  atm

The critical pressure for Kr is 54.3 atm. At temperatures above 209.4 K and pressures above 54.3 atm, Kr is a _________solidliquidgassupercritical fluid.

Kr is a _________solidliquidgassupercritical fluid at 50.0 atm and 102 K.

Kr is a _________solidliquidgassupercritical fluid at 0.720 atm and 134 K.

Kr is a _________solidliquidgassupercritical fluid at 1.00 atm and 116 K

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