Read the article and write one page about it and discuss the potential issues in regards to the individuals that did not pull the trigger and whether they would be guilty of murder and/or conspiracy or any other charge.

Read the article and write one page about it and discuss the potential issues in regards to the individuals that did not pull the trigger and whether they would be guilty of murder and/or conspiracy or any other charge. The individual Jeremy Ly has an interesting case based on what the article explains. Due on Saturday , October 11 . no sources need in this case.
This is the link article:
Skokie teen mourned as 4 charged in his slaying
The articles (story)
atricia Gadau wrestled with a swirl of emotions Sunday as hundreds gathered to mourn the death of her teenage son and as several men were arrested and charged in his killing and the shooting of a 17-year-old girl.
Gadau called the charges a blessing, even as she noted that two of the four suspects have been in her Skokie home and had been friends with her 17-year-old son, Max.
Her own grief didn’t prevent her from feeling for their families too.
“We as parents try to provide the best that we can give to our children — and this happens,” she said. “I’m sorry for the parents because I know they did their best. They don’t deserve this. We didn’t deserve this.”
The Sept. 28 shooting of Max Gadau and a Niles North High School classmate prompted an outpouring of grief from their peers, at a vigil, on social media and at Sunday’s memorial service, where several people wore sweatshirts adorned with Gadau’s name and a photo from his childhood.
In bond court Sunday, prosecutors painted a picture of the four 19-year-old men charged in the shootings as guys who targeted the girl because they were seeking an easy robbery target and ended up with an ounce of marijuana. Gadau’s mother said she heard that her son was sitting in the girl’s car because he wanted to help a friend and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
That girl remains hospitalized after being shot in the face.
Myles Hughes, Jeremy Ly and Nicholas Smith were denied bail Sunday in Cook County court and are charged with murder, attempted murder and armed robbery.
Dzevad Avdic faces the same charges and is due in bond court Monday. Skokie police were scheduled to hold a news conference Monday afternoon.
A fifth suspect, who prosecutors said was the gunman, has not been arrested or charged, officials said late Sunday afternoon.
Assistant State’s Attorney David Mullner said in court Sunday that Avdic had been planning a robbery and asked Ly who would make a good target.
Ly gave Avdic the girl’s name and phone number, suggesting that if Avdic had a gun, she wouldn’t put up a fight, Mullner said.
Avdic contacted the girl Sept. 24 and arranged to meet up with her to buy marijuana, he said.
On Sept. 28, Avdic drove Hughes, Smith and the fifth suspect to meet the girl in the 9200 block of Kedvale Avenue in Skokie, according to Mullner.
Avdic called the girl twice around 9:30 p.m., with the call “pinging” off a cellphone tower two blocks from the girl’s home, Mullner said.
Smith later told detectives he was aware of a “snatch and run” plan before they went to meet the girl.
After the four arrived, the girl got into her car, and Gadau sat beside her in the front passenger seat, Mullner said.
Hughes got into the car on the rear passenger-side and the fifth suspect got in behind the girl, Mullner said.
The fifth suspect then took out a gun and demanded marijuana from the girl, but she refused, Mullner said.
The suspect then shot Gadau in the back and the girl in the face, Mullner said, and the four suspects fled.
The round that struck the girl passed through her face and was found lodged in the car door, Mullner said. She is on a respirator, needs to have her jaw wired shut and will require surgery, he said.
Smith took an ounce of marijuana from the girl’s car, Mullner said, and the attackers smoked it as they drove back to Avdic’s residence.
Police found a shell casing in the girl’s car and another on a nearby parkway, he said.
The girl later identified Hughes in a photo lineup as one of those who had been with the shooter.
Prosecutors gave no further details on how those charged were tracked down.
Smith’s attorney, Edgar Howard, said after court Sunday that his client is “a good kid.”
Smith, he said, “just happened to be in the car.”
Court records show Avdic, Hughes and Smith living in Chicago, while Ly resides in Skokie.
Patricia Gadau said Avdic and Ly had been to the family’s house and were friends with her son, an avid swimmer.
Four charged in Skokie teen’s fatal shooting – Chicago
“Dzevad (Avdic) was a little quiet and I know that Max would go to him during the swim meets and talk,” she said. “I’d see them laugh together.”
A few hours after the defendants’ court appearance, hundreds of friends and relatives filled Evanston’s First Presbyterian Church for an hourlong memorial.
Gadau was remembered during the service as a fun-loving, happy and rambunctious teenager.
“Max was always laughing and smiling and overall having a good time. He found humor in so many things,” said Paul Torres, his swimming coach. “He had his own personal swagger as he entered the room. He was very self-confident. It was very hard not to like him.”
The Rev. Raymond Hylton commended community members who have responded to and decried the violence that led to Gadau’s death.
“I think what makes this so horrible is that, chances are, these boys knew Max,” Hylton said. “I want to commend this community. You did not remain aloof. You didn’t act as spectators. I know many of you have reached out.”
Since the shooting, friends have raised $2,000 online for the family and for Saving Our Sons, an organization that fights gun violence.
After the service, friends and family expressed relief that four men were charged but also shock and sadness that they knew two of the men. “It just goes to show you have to watch who you’re around sometimes,” Jmae Myles said.

Michelle Ranger, a friend of the Gadau family, said she felt sorry “for the people who decided to take (Gadau’s) life.”
“It’s not just Max’s family that is going to be hurting,” she said. “It’s going to be their families. They destroyed a lot of families by one senseless act, for nothing.”


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