Public Budget

Public Budget
Paper instructions:
Please pick an organization (for profit or non-profit) and write a paper from the viewpoint of Stakeholder. Someone with a vested interest in the outcomes promised by the organization.
Take a look at the missions statement, the budget, measurable and reported outcomes….. The paper will explain if the mission and budget agree, if the stated outcomes agree with the mission, and if the mission and budget support the outcomes. Are you, as a stakeholder happy with what you see, why or why not.
Length of paper – 5 pages.
Olease use the following books as referances:
(1) Public Budgeting Systems Robert D. Lee, Ronald W. Johnson. Jones & Bartlet Publishing, Inc. 9th Edition.
(2) Practical Government Budgeting, A Workbook for Public Managers Susan L. Riley & Peter W. Colby, 1991 State University of New York Press, Albany, NY
(3) Local Government Dollars & Sense Len Wood. The Training Shoppe, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. 4th Edition, 2006


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