Public Administrators and the Media Paper

Hello all,

I need the following done by this Sunday, April 16, 2017 by 6:00pm US Central Standard Time.

Locate a current events or news article via the Internet, detailing a public agency’s attempt to ensure public involvement.

Use the example of a community hiring of additional police officers (actual example that you need to find) and/or the building of new police station, or the purchase of tasers for all police officers.  Answer the following question based on how the public agency ensured public involvement when making one or more of the above examples.

Write a 1,400-word paper (maximum length, body of paper NO LONGER THAN 1,400 words) which includes the following.  Each of the following bullet points must be subheadings in the paper bolded before each part in the paper (the subheadings DO NOT count towards the word count).

  • Describe the issue
  • What attempts by the agency were made to incorporate public involvement
  • Who from the public agency was involved with the project.
  • Over what time frame did this occur?
  • What barriers existed if any.
  • Any overall success or failure documented in the article.
  • Describe whether or not you agree with the agency and their approach.
  • Whether or not social media played a role in the involvement.
  • If you were the head of a public agency how formal would you have your public information personnel be? 
  • Is there room for information communication in government?
  • When is the Internet and social media involvement a concern.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines including title page, reference page, and page numbers.

Thank you!

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