psychology writing

psychology writing


  1. Give examples of personal experiences demonstrating each of the following: insight, fixation, representativeness heuristic, availability heuristic, confirmation bias, overconfidence, framing, belief perseverance


  1. Describe creative thinking and how it differs from academic intelligence.  What is the problem with not fostering creativity in the school system?


  1. Describe language development .  How do you explain the rapid progress in the last stage of development?  What are the implications of the critical period for language development in education?


  1. Compare the three theories of intelligence  explaining their similarities and differences, and their strengths and weaknesses.


  1.  Describe emotional intelligence.  Give examples of people you know who are high and low in emotional intelligence.  Would these people agree that they lack or possess emotional intelligence?


  1. Describe the abilities measured by the commonly used intelligence tests.  Explain what other abilities should be fostered and tested in school, if any, that might be important in this and other cultures .  Explain why these would important abilities.


  1. Describe the evidence indicating that intelligence is inherited (heritability), as well as the evidence indicating that it is learned depending on the environment


  1.  Describe the ways in which intelligence changes and the ways in which it remains stable over the lifespan.


  1. Describe group differences in intelligence. Are group differences in intelligence inherited?  Explain why or why not.  What evidence does the text cite?


  1.  In what ways are men smarter than women?  In what ways are women smarter than men?


  1. Give an example from personal experience of Stereotype Threat.



*12. Describe a specific ability possessed by yourself or someone you know at which you or the other person is very good.   What kind of intelligence does this ability show?  How does this ability help individuals adapt to their culture, and how does it help the culture survive?  Describe a test that would measure the ability you indicated as a form of intelligence.  Indicate if it is an aptitude or achievement test.  Give a few examples of the type of questions or tasks your test would include.   How would you standardize your test, and how would you determine its reliability and validity?  Could your test still be valid if members of some ethnic groups scored better than others?

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