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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is not a new concept, is a better predictor of success than IQ and technical skills combined. In the 1980’s, Howard

Gardner, in his important work on multiple intelligences, outlined the presence of seven domains of intelligence, two of them were interpersonal and

intrapersonal, these combined were the forerunner of what we now know as emotional intelligence. In 1995 Daniel Goleman, the leading expert in this

field, reported “IQ” is only a minor predictor of sucess in life, while emotional an social skills are far better predictors of sucess and well being

than academic intelligence. He outlines five crucial emotional competencies basic to social and emotional learning: (1) Self and other awareness, (2)

Mood management, (3) Self-motivation, (4) Empathy and (5) Management of relationships. The mastery of these five competencies results in enhanced

emotional intelligence.

Cultural factors are the established beliefs, values, traditions, laws and languages of a nation or society. These factors also include the artistic

values, marriage customs and religious beliefs that are indigenoous to a particular religion. Cultural factors have a significant effect on an

individual’s buying decision. Every individual has different sets of habits, beliefs and principles which he/she develops from his family status and

background. What they see from their childhood becomes their culture. Cultural factors influence social changes, there is an intimate relationship

between society and culture.

In the case of Andres, he is disabled. He needs to be handle with a lot of care. Understanding his culture, family and his current social situation,

it is very important. Andres depend from his family a lot; for emotional and physical support. These can only be achieved by applying the concepts of

social and emotional intelligence (Lopes, Salovey and Straus, 2003).

The Social Worker would understand social and emotional intelligence by providing empathy to the client. Essentially awareness of the client social

situation is a key to understand the client’s emotions, needs and concerns.

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