Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan (PDP): Formulating Your Plan
PDP Barriers, Action Plan, and Conclusion Sections: Implementing Feedback
The purpose of this two-part Assignment is to utilize the knowledge and skills developed in this course to create your Professional Development Plan (PDP).
This Assignment is an Assessment for:
NU300-5: Determine current and future professional values, goals, and abilities in planning for professional development.
General Education Literacy (GEL)-1.2: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.
Your PDP will become part of your final BSN ePortfolio.
Your Unit 4 Assignment included your Introduction, Strengths and Opportunities, and Professional Goals sections of your PDP. You received feedback from your instructor on this Assignment. Please revise these previous sections of your PDP, based on instructor feedback, as the first step to constructing this week’s Assignment.
Next, add the following sections (Barriers, Action Plan, and Conclusion) to complete your PDP:
• Create at least two well-developed paragraphs discussing barriers to your six goals.
• Consider finances, time management, family concerns, and other potential barriers.
Action Plan:
• Create two well-developed paragraphs discussing your plan to achieve your six goals.
• Your plan should include at least one specific action step that directly aligns to each one of your six goals.
• Avoid generalizations such as “I will have to stay focused.”
• Also, share a specific person in your life who can serve as your mentor or role model as you pursue your goals.
• Create two well-developed paragraphs to draw your paper to a reasonable conclusion.
• Consider reviewing the article, Crafting Effective Introductions and Conclusions, from the Kaplan Writing Center for help with composing effective and meaningful conclusions.

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